Bengal Precast Industries

Bengal Precast Industries


Bengal Precast Industries has been established in Midnapore, West Bengal with the view in mind to produce Cost Effective Building Components & Products.

After rigorous research it has been able to develop a number of time & cost-effective Precast, Prefabricated building components, manufactured with modern machineries. They have adopted some innovative techniques in the construction of low cost Houses & low cost sanitation.

It is asserted that such cost-effective techniques in no way affect the durability of the products. Moreover, these elements reduce emissions substantially.Bengal Precast is supported by a huge infrastructure, which is equipped with various machineries & tools. All these tools are featured with high production capacity to fulfill bulk of orders within decided period of time.

They have a team of experienced professionals who ensure manufacturing of the superior quality products. They make use of the latest manufacturing techniques and ensure timely completion of the project undertaken.Unique quality is only aim, which strives to achieve in every stage of business process.