Staircase and ladders are ideal for industrial applications with their non-conductive polymer construction offering increased protection in electrical areas.


Suitable to use for any construction, repairing and maintenance work, the GFRP Fiber Ladders are one of the best means of reaching locations too high to reach otherwise. Along with assisting workers in going down into excavations and trenches, these ladders also help workers in gaining access to upper floors and roofs of buildings. Used by painters, electricians, plumbers as well as for domestic purposes, these GFRP ladders are completely protected with electrical insulation. This ladder is designed with two side rails joined with steps of cross pieces at regular intervals.

Key Applications:

  • Industrial
  • Domestic
  • Construction

Smart Features:

  • Corrosion resistant making these ideal for locations by the sea or subject to chemical spills.
  • Structurally strong containing a non slip quartz grit surface
  • Low in thermal conductivity offering increased protection in high temperature and fire hazard areas
  • Low electrical conductivity making it ideal for electrical sensitive environments
  • Lightweight ladders can be easily transported / moved around

Material of construction:

Resin System consists of Isopthalic / Vinylester / Epoxy with FR or Non FR properties. Phenolic Resin System is also available on request. No matter what product is in production, every industrial facility needs ladders for different access requirement. FRP ladders that deliver higher strength-to-weight ratio are becoming popular across industry. Also, their value proposition in terms of corrosion resistance, anti-skid, fire retardant and electrically non-conductive make them preferred choice for applications in chemical or industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, marine environments etc.

FRP ladders, being designed to withstand harsh environments, are often conformed to OSHA regulations.

Content Courtesy : M/S EPP Composites Pvt. Ltd.

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