Over the years, GFRP solutions are being used in applications including safe handling and storage of water, chemicals, waste, slurry and many other alkaline and acidic materials.GFRP storage tanks are been used for mixing, washing and filtration processes like reaction vessels, pressure vessels and vacuum receivers. Apart from this, there has been applications like chemical, water, acidic and alkaline fluids and chemical slurries which is been used for storage and transport purpose.

One of the major advantages of GFRP is its lower cost. GFRP is the only solution that offers both a satisfactory solution to corrosion problems as well lowest cost. Other benefits of GFRP storage tanks include high physical and mechanical strength, good insulation for well maintained temperature, light in weight, excellent resistance against chemicals, completely protected from weather conditions, easy to handle and install, ease of maintenance with zero downtime.

GFRP being light weight helps in easy transportation, installation and maintenance mainly in case for pipe and tanks. It also gives flexibility in terms of designing.GFRP has a greater flexural strength as compares to timber and is often powerful than steel and aluminium in a lengthwise direction.

Though GFRP is considered as a preferred material for applications related to chemical handling, it is also gaining acceptance in other important areas like pipe and fittings, hand rails, gratings, fending, manholes, cable trays and storage tanks due to their unique features such as safe, durable and economical.

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