As the scarcity of water becomes grave across India, the drive for the industry to reclaim and reuse wastewater is becoming critical. Moreover, the industry faces increasingly stringent government requirements regulating contaminant limits for wastewater discharge. This is where efficient ETP's have a critical role to play.

Furthermore, there is now an emerging application trend towards Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), requiring advanced filtration systems.

ETP: Components of ETPs fabricated with Composite Materials (GFRP, GRC & GFRP-lined) provide several benefits as listed below. These ETPs could incorporate smart features like PLC's, and leverage versatile technologies for treatment.

ZLD: The smarter solution now emerging on the horizon is a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) concept or Wastewater Free Production set up. This would obviously help enhance the ecological balance of the system.


  • All major end use-based industries.


  • TURNKEY SUPPORT: Supported by our Preferred Network Member, we can help facilitate everything from concept and design to commissioning, operation & maintenance. We could also facilitate Technical Service Assistance for recommendations around recycling and reuse.
  • EFFICIENT OPERATING PERFORMANCE: The ETP could be designed as per request with several features to enhance efficiency including:

a) Bubble aeration system enables provide support for homogenizing the effluent and to keep it fresh during storage in the primary stage

b) An efficient Up Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket System (UASB) to maintain high concentration of biomass &

c) an efficient Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) based treatment system.

  • CORROSION RESISTANCE: A key advantage of components of the ETP's and ZLD's made from composites (more specifically Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics (GFRP) material) is their non-corrosiveness when compared to conventional materials like metals and steel-reinforced concrete. This in turn helps eliminating the need for additional lining materials and surface protection coatings.
  • EFFICIENT ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE PROCESSES: Supporting able recovery of raw materials, high quality of distillates and reusable treated wastewater with low energy consumption.
  • DURABILITY: The design of key components of the ETP made from composite materials could be engineered with provisions (e.g. ribs) to enhance strength, durability and service life. After a half-century of use, many well-designed composite structures have yet to wear out. Composites provide long-term resistance to severe chemical and temperature environments. Composites are the material of choice for outdoor exposure, chemical handling and severe environment service.


  • Typical availability from 5KLPD to 2MLPD with versatile composites material of construction such as GFRP, GRC, GFRP-lined.
  • Accessories and additional features available based on customer request.


Successful installations in India at various institutions executed by our preferred network member. Work Scope leading from Design to Turnkey execution.

Image Courtesy: M/S Oceanides Global Solutions LLP

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