The Clean India Initiative is a national campaign to improve sanitation. One key objective here is to build around 120 MM toilets by 2019(1) to make India open defecation free.

Clearly, an acceptable technology that can be scaled up easily in India is needed for quick and easy installation on ground. Secondly, consistent durable quality, an efficient technological and commercial approach, and a cost-effective solution must be part of it.

Compared to conventional material based toilets such as brick and mortar and metal, GFRP and GFRP Sandwich Panel Toilets are durable and quick to install making them scalable and sustainable.

Both these GFRP based toilets besides below enlisted features, have a potential compatibility to incorporate smart features such as water level sensors, coin validator, auto flush, GPS System and others as per customer requirements. This supports an integrated solution minimizing the need for onsite resources and monitoring.


  • Schools and community toilet
  • Individual household/ private toilet
  • Public toilet blocks


GFRP Sandwich Panel Toilets:

  • Modular design & Light weight: Typically, these toilets could be made from modular panels helping easy and quick installation on ground.
  • Corrosion Resistance : Enabling Longer life and lower maintenance
  • Designed for Insulation & Aesthetics: Better aesthetics with both sides surface finish and thermally insulated.
  • Wind Loads: These sandwich systems typically are resistant up to 150 km/ hr wind loads.
  • Corrosion Resistance – GFRP based toilets provide long-term resistance to severe chemical and temperature environments. GFRP is a good material choice for outdoor exposure, chemical handling and severe environment service.
  • Wind Loads: Typically, these could be designed to resist up to 100 km/ hr wind loads.
  • Design Flexibility: Depending upon customer needs, these could be molded as single piece or as modular panels to support easier and quicker installation on site with minimal resources.


GFRP Sandwich Panel Toilets:

  • General Insulated Panel thickness of ~28 mm- insulation material (XPS or others). Other thickness variants could be tailored.
  • Typical Individual toilets size of 4*3*7 feet with more options available on need

GFRP Toilets:

  • General Panel thickness of ~3 mm to 5mm.
  • Typical Individual toilets size of 4*3*7 feet with more options available on need.

Accessories (flush tank, overhead tanks, wash basin, etc.) and other smart features if needed are additional as per requirement.


(1)The hindu Karnataka national news.

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