GFRP materials with incorporation of smart sensors are a potential way to help meet the above needs. These bins bring a provision to incorporate a sensor monitoring system to monitor in real time the level of garbage so that the bins are unloaded on time.

Of the total municipal solid waste generated in India, only 117,645 TDP or 83% is collected1. This makes it imperative for effective Solid Waste Management practices including the need of having durable and easy to maintain waste collection bins.

Some of the key pain points faced for efficient and effective management of waste bins include:

  • Lack of durable material of construction.
  • Rodent Infestation
  • Difficulties in unloading
  • Absence of a Smart mechanism to identify the level of garbage
  • Optimized fleet management for waste collection
  • Periodic dirt accumulation
  • Inadequate compartments to segregate waste
  • Absence of real time monitoring

Key Application areas:

  • Road side bins
  • Community bins
  • Public garbage collection bins

Smart Benefits:

  • Light Weight and Durable: These help save weight compared to steel parts (up to 30 percent lighter) with similar thermo-mechanical properties. Pound for pound, glass fibers are stronger than steel.
  • Water Resistant and Non-Corrosive: Long-term resistance to severe chemical and temperature environments. Ideal material choice for outdoor exposure, chemical handling and severe environment service.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: The GFRP bins are aesthetically attractive and offer nice design and styling.
  • Durability – Long life span. Coupled with low maintenance requirements, the longevity of GFRP is a benefit when used in critical applications. After a half-century of use, many well-designed GFRP structures have yet to wear out.

Smart sensors:

The Smart Sensors incorporated in the smart bins support:

  • Loading / Unloading: Supporting easy loading and unloading
  • Level Indicator: Helping Garbage Level indication on regular intervals (Volume based sensors) with compatibility to mobile apps and severs.
  • Fleet Management: Computes optimized routes for garbage delivery helping also to optimize fleet management
  • Cost Effective: Such sensors support reduction in collection and delivery costs.

Key Variants:

  • Typically: Single, Double or Triple bins – individually or in a set of joint compartments.
  • Color schemes and other aesthetic features could be tailored based on customer requirements.


1) Hindustan times India

Image Courtesy: M/S EPP Composites Pvt. Ltd.

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