GFRP Pickling Tank


Pickling is a form of chemical metal finishing that provides protective properties to metal especially against corrosion. In this process, the metal is submerged in a bathing liquid that removes imperfections and rust from the surface of metal.

Pickling uses acids that remove impurities which are left from the metal being manufactured. The process protects the metal from pollutants getting into the metal and causing rusting and damage in the future. It leaves the surface of the metal smooth and with no imperfections. At the same time pickling helps to increase the durability of the metals.


Wide in demand for the application of processing MS and stainless steel coils, this Pickling Tank is the best option for steel industry. Other than tanks constructed from polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HDPE), also offer customized tanks for galvanizing line.

These are typically manufactured using the hand layup process. Suitable for continuous batch pickling operation, there are thermoplastic pickling tanks with specially designed lip type hood. The special top mounted design of hood in the shape of semi arch or canopy ensures fume collection from the sides of tank. All the necessary accessories for easy installation and operation of pickling tank can be provided including hood and fume scrubber with centrifugal exhaust fan, stack or chimney, ducting network and thermoplastic recirculation pump for scrubber with piping.

Capacity :

Depending on the specific application and the customer's requirements, the capacity and size of the tank is customized. We follow the pre-defined DVS standards for designing and testing the tanks. There are rounded corners rather than sharp edges in the tanks, designed from the thermoplastic sheet that is easy to mold. This ensures leak proof and rigid design with enhanced mechanical strength for a long maintenance free operational performance.

Key segments for use:

  • Coil pickling lines
  • Surface treatment plants
  • Hot dip galvanizing plants
  • Stainless steel pickling plants
  • Wire pickling lines
  • Electroplating/anodizing plants
  • Pipe pickling plants
  • Metal finishing industries

Smart features:

  • Corrosion resistance: A key advantage of GFRP tanks is their non corrosiveness when compared to conventional materials like Metals and Steel Reinforced Concrete. This in turn helps eliminate the need for additional lining materials and surface protection coatings.
  • Good insulating qualities: The property of electrical insulation from the material helps prevent accidental electrocution by faulty wiring.
  • Good chemical resistance and durability : GFRP tanks contribute to good service life. Coupled with low maintenance requirements, the longevity is a benefit when used in critical application
  • Light weight: Composite parts help save weight compared to steel parts (up to 30 percent lighter) with similar thermo-mechanical properties. Hence, they are easier, quicker and cost effective to install.

Technical Specifications:

Material of Construction

  • Polypropylene, high density polyethylene or PP-H


Content Courtesy: M/S EPP Composites Pvt. Ltd.


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