Advantex® Glass FRP Outperforms Stainless Steel in Acidic Environments


Corrosion has many serious economic, health, safety and technological consequences for industries across the world. Moreover, when the environment is acidic, the situation aggravates by many times. Every year, trillions of dollars are spent in repair and replacement of failed assets as a result of corrosion-related damage. Advantex® glass reinforced FRP materials that are designed to withstand highly corrosive environments have emerged as the most sought-after solutions. Over time, it has been able to outperform expensive metal alloys. According to industry estimate, use of Advantex® glass reinforced FRP materials can result in lowering the annual cost of all corrosion-related damage by up to 30%. Read the complete case study on how Advantex® Glass FRP outperforms stainless steel in acidic environment here:

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