Technology: Building Tomorrow’s Bridges Today


Florida is the third most populous state in the USA and the 19th largest economy in the world with 12,225 bridges for which Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has inspection oversight responsibility, and 6,814 bridges with direct maintenance responsibility. As part of the FDOT's 'Invitation for Innovation' initiative, Owens Corning as a collaborating partner, is working to build a bridge of the future - Halls River Bridge project.

Focused on achieving new levels of durability, life-cycle cost reduction and longterm performance, Owens Corning with others are working to embrace GFRP technology for the replacement of the bridge.

A clear life-cycle view of the bridges was taken altering the conventional method of minimising the initial cost. Owens Corning and the other collaborators leveraged on the superior durability of the GFRP technology that has benefitted the project, giving it an increased service life and thus reduced the maintenance cost. A study shows that the proven GFRP technology can increase the life of the bridges with very minor deterioration in the condition of the bridges.

In an attempt to address the degradation of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures due to steel reinforcement corrosion, Owens Corning with the other collaborators decided to take a more transformational approach and leverage composites in replacement of carbon-steel, 100% elimination of the degradation issue, thereby eliminating the threat of concrete cancer and introducing an entirely new way to build bridges.

Additionally, GFRP reinforced concrete designs were incorporated into other customised structural elements including: the bridge deck and end diaphragms; bridge foundations, bent caps, back and wing walls, and bulkhead/seawall caps. Hybrid Composite Beams (HCBs) were also utilized, leveraging the combined strength of GFRP laminates, galvanized steel strand and concrete compression arching.


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