CNC Technics is a world leader in the designing and manufacturing of filament winding machines. The company has recently set up Helipole - a manufacturing facility to develop and manufacture filament winding FRP street lighting poles for the Indian market.

The project

CNC Technics has installed poles at Bay Park resorts in Vishakhapatnam and on Kakinada beach road for the Kakinada Municipality. The Bay Park facility is on top of a hill overlooking the sea, with a 10-km road going up the hill. It is a site that faces extreme high winds and corrosive conditions.

Challenges faced & solutions provided

Corrosion resistance: Helipole researched improving corrosion resistance and UV resistance to improve the longevity of the poles.

Strength to cost: A lot of effort was put into improving the strength to cost ratio, by altering production methods and material property.

Solutions provided

Helipole studied the challenges and gaps in lighting poles made of conventional materials such as steel and concrete and found the need for reliable, strong, high performance poles which can withstand varying weather conditions. Helipole delivered high strength poles that are well suited to the heavy wind conditions and corrosive properties of humidity and salt due to the air from the sea.

Benefits of Helipole made FRP

Corrosion resistance: Due to the non-corrosive and hydrophobic nature of FRP, Helipole products have excellent performance in wet and coastal weather conditions as well as providing resistance to salt and chemicals.

High strength: Helipoles are made with industry standard E-Glass fibers. This results in a pure composite, high strength, fiber-reinforced pole. Ultra-strong Helipole composite poles can absorb significant elastic strain energy in high load situations like hurricanes, tornadoes and seismic events.

Light weight: Being much lighter than steel or concrete, this allows for cost effective transportation and easy installation without any heavy machinery.

Maintenance free: Helipole products require minimum periodic maintenance, painting or chemical treatments unlike conventional materials.

Increased safety: Manufactured with a non-conductive and hydrophobic material, Helipole composite poles reduce the risk of second point contact injuries, eliminate electrical tracking and help prevent arcing due to lighting or switching. This makes live installations safe.

Environmentally sound: The chemicals used in the manufacture of Helipole products are environmentally sound and do not leech into the ground or atmosphere.

Aesthetic advantages: Helipole lighting poles are pigmented in various colours and custom colours can also be used as per our customers' design requirement.

Image and Content Courtesy: M/S CNC Technics

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