Road construction in India has accelerated to an all-time high pace of 20 kilometers per day as confirmed by Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways1. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) plans to add around 50,000 km of road network in the next five to six years with an investment potential of nearly $250 billion2

With such ambitious plans for road construction, it is necessary to build up a robust system to execute construction of durable roads and at quick pace. It becomes crucial to maintain the quality of the built roads in order to avoid extensive maintenance costs.

The Glass fibers are ASTM D578 Boron & Fluorine Free ECR Glass. The Boron and Fluorine free Glass gives dual advantage of resistance to corrosion and added physical and mechanical properties to the reinforcement


  • Highways
  • Parking Lots
  • Runways or Driveways


  • COST EFFECTIVE: Non woven mats works to preserve the pavement surface and protect the pavement structure longer which means less maintenance and lower costs. It has been recognized by leading contractors in India to be economical and faster than waterproofing mastic.
  • GOOD STABILITY: The product remains stable under high-temperature hot-mix designs and does not shrink or melt. Therefore, there is no need to factor up material requirements to allow for shrinkage or loss.
  • LOW MOISTURE DAMAGE: These mats combines with asphalt so as to form a low permeability moisture barrier
  • MITIGATES REFLECTIVE CRACKING: Low elongation through high modulus glass fiber supports this important requirement for maintaining durability of roads.
  • RECYCLABLE: It is Millable and Recyclable by design. When milled, it is reduced to small pieces and goes to the hot-mix plant. Other paving fabrics typically clog the milling equipment, or are rejected by the hot-mix plant, adding cost and causing delays.


  • Mass per unit area : 136 gm/m3
  • Tensile Strength: >200 N/50mm
  • Elongation at max load: <5%
  • Melting Point: >230 Deg C


Used in India for over 140,000 km bitumen roads and accreditated by M/S IRC (Indian Roads Congress)

Testimonials received from leading contractors like M/S Gammon India, M/S Ashoka Buildcon, M/S Madhucon Projects, M/S IRB and others.


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