GFRP Lighting Poles


Recently Glass Fiber Reinforced (GFRP) Poles have gained popularity in making a lighting infrastructure increasingly efficient. Incorporated with smart internet operated technology based accessories, GFRP Poles could create an intelligent, networked public lighting infrastructure that can change the face of future cities by providing a safe, beautiful and durable structure.

GFRP Poles with its features and benefits could be a good solution to meet Indian government's Smart City initiatives to promote LED and Solar based street lighting.

Aesthetically pleasing, GFRP Poles are manufactured based on the needs from polyester or epoxy resin systems and fiberglass woven rovings. Having good stiffness and axial strength, these poles bring features of non- conductive and non corrosive with more than 65% of the reinforcing fiberglass in the axial vertical plane.

Smart internet operated technology based accessories could also be incorporated. GFRP Poles could complement an intelligent, networked public lighting infrastructure and could contribute to enhancing the "livability" of cities.


  • NON-CORROSIVE – Corrosion resistance to salty climates or alkali /acidic soil conditions, above and below the ground.
  • HIGH STRENGTH: Pound for pound, glass fibers are stronger than steel. GFRP materials gain their strength when fibers are set within a resin matrix. Fibers carry the load while the resin spreads the load imposed on the GFRP composite.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Non corrosive and ability to pre pigmented reduces overall cost to maintain
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & COST EFFECTIVE - The lightweight of these poles saves handling, transport and erection costs during installation.
  • NON-CONDUCTIVE – The property of electrical insulation from the material helps prevent accidental electrocution by faulty wiring.


  • Street Lighting for roads and highways
  • Solar panel mounted pole structures
  • Housing
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Landscaping


  • Generally available in two variants of Direct Burial Types & Base Plate Type Poles.
  • Pole Accessories : Junction Boxes (Internal or External) ; Brackets (Single Arm or Double Arm with Length of 1000mm/1500mm/2000mm)
  • Typical Lengths: 4 meter to 13 meter.

Typical Design standards:

  • As per ANSI C 136.20 - 1990
  • BS EN 40 - 7:200
  • AASHTO LTS-2 1985
  • IS 875 Part 3 – 1987

Typical Sizes:

Conical Type with Filament Winding

  • Length: 4 meters to 13 meters
  • Base OD: Min. 143mm - Max. 315mm
  • Top OD: 105mm

Cylindrical Type with Pultruded Round Profile

  • Length: Max. 4 meters
  • OD: 75mm & 100mm


  • Polyester Grade Resin with Glass fiber


Successfully installed in several locations in India and used by leading lighting companies like M/S Bajaj Electricals2.

Image & Data Support: M/S EPP Composites Pvt Ltd.

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