Insulation is the key to energy conservation, a cornerstone of green building. Well-insulated buildings save energy thus lower operating costs, reduce greenhouse gas emission and also keep its occupants comfortable. Today's advanced insulations with their unique features deliver the ultimate comfort, energy efficiency and cost savings you're looking for.

Environmentally, insulation helps to stop heat and cold ingress from outside thereby saving on fossil fuel, reducing emissions and lowering energy losses through the building envelope. Economically, effective insulation lowers heating or cooling bills, thus no longer being affected by rising energy costs and helps maintain controlled temperature for longer periods. Socially, insulation enables human comfort, it also provides fungus-free and microbe-free healthier environment, due to absence of cold walls.

Advanced Glass wool insulation materials coming with premium facing and made with modern fiber technologies come with less dust, are easy to use, cut and split.

Typically made with bio based ingredients and formaldehyde free with Green Guard Gold certifications complying with requirements of IS 8183:1993. The premium facings provide high strength and low permeability and come in varieties of white, black or aluminum finish


  • Assured Thermal Performance: When installed in accordance with instructions, so that compression is controlled, advanced glass wool products provide specified thermal performance. Operating costs are controlled due to reduction of heat loss or gain through sheet metal duct walls.
  • Enhanced Comfort Control: Enables heating and cooling systems to deliver conditioned air to occupied spaces at or near design temperatures. By conserving heating and cooling energy, HVAC systems may operate under reduced load.
  • Flexible, Easy Installation: Advanced Glass wool products are easy cut to fit flat, curved or irregular duct. Surfaces for a neat, thermally effective insulation.
  • Variety of Choice: Provide variety of specification for customers. Users could choose different density and surface according to their own needs.


  • HVAC lining / pre insulation
  • Roof under deck
  • Partition wall
  • Ceiling and wall panels
  • Ceiling and wall lining


  • Operating Temperature: -4 Deg C to +121 Deg C
  • Corrosiveness: Chemically Inert.
  • Mold Growth : No
  • Moisture Absorption: ≤5% by weight
  • Bulk Density (Kg/m3): 24/32/48
  • Thermal Conductivity (k) (W/m0K): 0.036 / 0.034 / 0.032

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